Projects - Electronics

Transformer housing

Based in Edmonton, north London, Roshe Power is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of transformers, inductors, filters and linear power supplies, with clients including the MoD. We make thousands of transformer housings for Roshe every year in 1.2mm mild steel, each consisting of a body and lid, powder coated in separate colours.

Tolerance, repeatability and accuracy are critical: as well as producing a precise fit between body and lid, we have to ensure all holes are burr-free so plastic fittings can be inserted. We laser-cut all parts using our own £0.5m Bystronic 3kW laser cutter, with sheet optimisation software ensuring absolute precision, eliminating distortion and minimising waste. The laser-cut blanks are then folded using our Bystronic Xpert press brake. We invested in this relatively small, precision machine – 80 tonnes pressure, 1.5m sheet size – specifically for jobs like this, because it works to extremely fine tolerances at very high speed: the eight folds required for each transformer are completed in just 27 seconds.

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